May 23rd, 2018

Technical Seminar of Gas Metering Systems for National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)

This Seminar has been held by BACS (Russian Company) as representative of Sandroos.

Topics of Seminar:
  •  Presenting various methods in measurement of dissipation gases in transfer lines.
  • Presenting differential flow measurement methods at beginning and end of gas transferring lines and equivalent factors between different methods such as Turbine, Orifices & Ultrasonic.
  • Presenting parameters affecting the measurement of gas quantity and quality (Density and Thermal Value)
  •  Introducing thermal value measurement systems, methods and gas components such as H2S, Total Sulfur, Mercaptan, C1, C2, :.., C9+
  •  Presenting previous experience in gas transferring lines and export network of Russia to other European countries in order to consider the same in current and future projects in Iran.